Lake Location – Lisburn

Lake Size – 3.1 acres

Lake Features – Lots of Islands, Lillies, gravel spots and margins to keep you guessing. The lake contains some weed and has an average depth of 4 – 6 ft in the shallow end and 9 – 10.5 ft in the deep end, depending on water levels.

Fish Stocks – The Lake was taken over by NICAS in 2016 and was opened to our members in 2017, it had an initial stocking of 50+ carp up to 21lb with the current lake record weighing 34lb 12oz with 4 fish around the 30lb mark and multiple back up 20s to upper 20s. It’s a low stocked big fish water which can make it quite a challenge.

Difficulty  – Medium

Best Methods – Boilie and pellet

Available to fish – Lake is open all year to the NICAS members apart from spawning when the complex is closed.

On Site – Toilet facility available, running water and NICAS tackle shop.

Brookhall Lake Gallery

Brookhall Fish Gallery

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