Lake Location – Lurgan Road, Dromore, Co. Down. The car park is on the right hand side after the bridge.

Lake Size – 2.5 acres approx.

Lake Features – Lots of Islands and overgrown margins to keep you guessing, the lake contains some weed and has an average depth of 5-6 foot.

Difficulty Rating – Moderate although multiple captures are the norm.

Fish Stocks – 150-250 carp approx, lake record stands at 29lb 12oz although not caught for some time, approx 6 carp over 20lb inhabit the lake, 7lb being the average size of the carp, Other fish include Perch, Roach, Eels, Gudgeon, Tench and Trout to specimen size.

Best Methods – Good quality boillies and pellets are available from our shop.

Available to fish – Open all year round.

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