I just want to thank everyone for all there hard work. It has been a great year for the society and it looks like the next year will be just as good.

Some major achievements this year with the two stockings and all the work that has been done on Glenvale to get it ready for the new arrivals. Also all the work that has been done in the last few months on swanny and mill lodge. This work will continue into the future and we will need your support to get it all finished.

We have a lot to do and it all costs money that is why we have been trying to raise more funds, if you can please support us in our efforts by buying the clothing, leads etc as it all goes to the society and improving the venues for you the members.

Some members aren’t rejoining this year due to family and work commitments and I would like to wish you well for the future and hopefully we will see you back again in the future.

Tomorrow I will be removing all those from this page that haven’t rejoined and all the venues will have the gates codes changed. I will post the new codes on here and email all current members the new codes.

I will also be inviting a number of people on the waiting list which continues to grow on a daily basis, I have had another 5 go on to the list in the last few days which proves that we are doing something right. It is also great to see some of the original society members that started it all off coming back after many years out.

Big thank you to Alex and Marty and the other committee members and members over the last couple of months for helping me out in my new role as secretary. To be honest I had no idea how much was involved and what goes on behind the scenes. So please bare with me.

Let’s hope we see a number of new PBs and some of the bigger fish out this year. I need all of the photos for the new website so get catching!!!

Tight lines