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What a busy two year it has been for the Northern Ireland Carp Anglers Society!   The addition of Glenvale brought with it a year of hard graft and unprecedented stockings prior to its opening in 2016. Looking back, Glenvale has been such a success, we’ve experienced massive growth rates and seen the stock progress to upper double and over 20lb in a very short space of time The current lake record is a Common called “The Edge” that came out at 24lb 10oz.  Without a doubt Glenvale has some of the best looking Carp in the UK & Ireland.   The success of Glenvale brought with it media attention, this resulted in a surge of membership applications, it was evident that we required another lake. The search was on for a new venture and it didn’t take long before we found a lake, Brookhall Trout Fishery or as it was to become Brookhall Carp Fishery. The Society acquired Brookhall Carp Fishery in the summer of 2016 and has spent a year working on it, building fences, cutting grass and installing gates. The chairman and wider team worked tirelessly in the background obtaining the money required to carry out a major stocking, in April 2017 Carp up to 21lb were introduced with an average weight of 13lb it was evident that Brookhall would be a very special carp fishery. The fish settled in nicely adopting well to the intense feeding programme, this resulted in huge growth rates and new lake record on opening day, a common called “Delilah at 24lb 12oz”.   All of the Society venues have had... read more
Start Of New Season 2016 -2017

Start Of New Season 2016 -2017

I just want to thank everyone for all there hard work. It has been a great year for the society and it looks like the next year will be just as good. Some major achievements this year with the two stockings and all the work that has been done on Glenvale to get it ready for the new arrivals. Also all the work that has been done in the last few months on swanny and mill lodge. This work will continue into the future and we will need your support to get it all finished. We have a lot to do and it all costs money that is why we have been trying to raise more funds, if you can please support us in our efforts by buying the clothing, leads etc as it all goes to the society and improving the venues for you the members. Some members aren’t rejoining this year due to family and work commitments and I would like to wish you well for the future and hopefully we will see you back again in the future. Tomorrow I will be removing all those from this page that haven’t rejoined and all the venues will have the gates codes changed. I will post the new codes on here and email all current members the new codes. I will also be inviting a number of people on the waiting list which continues to grow on a daily basis, I have had another 5 go on to the list in the last few days which proves that we are doing something right. It is also great to... read more

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